Play For Faster Cash Drop Unexpected Pot Monsters

In poker, the maximum amount you can win is directly proportional to the amount you bet and the number of players you are fighting. For you to turn a dollar into thousands is possible in the biggest tournaments but you will face tens of thousands of other players and it will take hours. Even playing the craziest hyper turbo tournament will take longer than a single spin on the progressive jackpot. If you are thinking about turning a one dollar bet into over a million, you can forget about that too!

There are certain types of slot machines that offer the opportunity to win more money than most professional poker players can dream of. To be honest the chances of that happening are very low. Examples of these games are Microgamins Mega Moolah and Playtech’s Deal or No Deal. These games can generate instant millionaires and have been done many times before.

Of course, those returns are simply not the norm. The odds are long and unprofitable. However, there is no poker game on the planet where you can bet just a dollar and win millions. For some poker players, such a win may be what they need to take their game to the biggest tournament.

There’s a Time and a Place for Slots Well, we know that most of you reading this will scoff at the title. We also realize that outside of the lucky few, there will only be a few winners overall at the game. You can’t raise at the slots and, apart from the winnings, you can’t actually be on form or vice versa.

However, many of us play poker for as much gambling pleasure as we do for money-making potential. When the chips are down, seeing the jackpot roll will feel a lot like dropping an unexpected monster pot – and probably a lot more cash too!