You will not survive as a poker professional unless you are among the best.

In other games, invincibility is like dice. The bottom line: they are broken. Others may put their earnings in bad investments. They should seek the advice of an experienced investment professional. And they forget to put their earnings in a retirement savings account, where they can earn interest, dividends, and other benefits tax-free until they are ready to retire.

Some professionals cheat on their taxes or don’t even file taxes. Result: they pay more social security (forced retirement savings), get fewer life benefits, and may not be eligible for Medicare visit dominowalet.

Much of this is due to pro vanity (“I don’t need it” syndrome). Similarly, you may not consider health insurance. (“I’ll always be healthy,” he assured himself). So professional poker players can be so busy learning the skills and playing poker that they don’t recognize that it is a game that doesn’t move much. There is little physical exercise involved when sitting at a table.

Dr. Schoonmaker explains that “poor health has a much greater effect on the income of poker players than any other professional.”

As an explanation, point out that you can make a living as a mediocre salesman, teacher, or lawyer, but you won’t survive as a poker pro unless you’re among the best.

“If you neglect your health, you will have higher medical costs and you will not play well enough to pay them. It probably won’t be ruined. You will also die faster. “

To this, I am going to add the inevitable cost of play (which I write about frequently), be it cash games or tournaments. Overcoming these homecoming costs is a challenge for all players, both professional and recreational.

In the following columns, Dr. Schoonmaker will discuss other causes of death. More importantly, you promise to tell us how to safely withdraw.

Play poker but don’t screw up. If you’re thinking of moving from the game to professional poker, think again before taking that big step.

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